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23rd-Aug-2009 04:30 pm - BION (Believe It Or Not) Camp
Just back from a short week at our diocesan camp, Bishopswood, for the summer diocesan youth event, BION. It was a really intense experience, definitely worthwhile. Perhaps easier that I'm an old camp hand (emphasis on OLD--I expect that the last time I worked at summer camp was long before the campers (certainly!) and most of the younger camp staff were born. Sigh. But seriously. My experiences with co-ed Christian camping have not been very positive, but this was GREAT! It was incredibly well organized, planned, directed, and the youth participants (and leadership trainees) were incredibly nice, kind, and inclusive. A GREAT camp culture. Also, a major point of the culture of our diocesan youth events in main is "No Dating Behavior" because it's exclusive. Guess what, there's No dating behavior! Really!

I confess that I always forget how basically superfluous adults are when there are high schoolers around--not a bad thing, altogether.

Oh, yeah, and my inner high school adolescent--a highly competitive boy-child, I think--came out like gangbusters when we played all camp capture the flag Tuesday night (the first night with the youth there). I'm kind of surprised I sustained neither a concussion nor a sprained ankle!

Anyway, my "Focus Groups" (sort of classes--we had a 40 min period each of the three middle days to focus on a topic--I did two using Godly Play stories--one for High School, one for middle school, and one onPsalms and Song of Solomon, looking at sex and violence in these two books--well, violence in Psalms, sex in Song of Solomon. Apparently, Song of Solomon was a huge hit. We went off on all these tangents, but largely had good conversations. Another counselor later mentioned that LOTS of kids were looking up Song of Solomon in the Bible.

Oddly, another topic that came up was same sex marriage. Another contrast with my previous camp experience, the kids really didn't find gay issues to be a huge deal. Refreshing!

Will be lovely to get caught up on sleep and laundry, but it was great!

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18th-Dec-2008 04:00 pm - A priest forever....
After all this time


I was ordained to the sacred order of priests on December 14th at 3:30 in the afternoon by the Rt. Rev. Stephen Taylor Lane, Bishop of Maine, at the parish where I've served as vicar since August, St. Stephen the Martyr, Waterboro, ME. Folks from four of the five congregations that have been in my life in the past 15 years or so were in attendance--100 people in our little church.

My first Eucharist as a priest is this coming Sunday, Advent IV. At some point, soon, I hope to have some more reflections on the whole experience.

In short, the service was wonderful. It was great to see everyone, and to finally get to this place! I'm so grateful and blessed by all the support and prayers. Especially since the weekend began with an ice storm that put a significant part of New England into the dark for days--our power went out Thursday night and didn't come back until Monday afternoon (after the ordination) Fortunately, family was staying in town at a motel with power--and most important, showers.

Do I feel different? I dunno. I expected that there might be some sense of being slain or out of body, but it was very "real" in the sense that I felt very present--it was odd to feel myself surrounded by my friends and colleagues as I knelt for the consecration, with the bishop singing the Veni Creator Spiritus--to feel and not see them, knowing they were there, being able to discern a voice or two among the group.

Do I feel different? Perhaps that I know that this is who I am and have been all along--people have been telling me that for years.

3rd-Nov-2008 05:49 pm - Pig Parts
Kit '03
I'm making scrapple. It's amazing how much time I've spend with relatively insignificant pig arts. This year, scrapple is a side benefit of head cheese. I'm not sure if I'll venture there next year, but then again, there are a few things I want to try....

This year's head cheese was drier than I'd like. So I know to add more stock to the meat before I mold it. And I can certainly add more herbs (sage) and spices (fresh hot peppers).

The scrapple has more cornmeal to meat than I might like--I guess I should have cooked up another bag of parts--when we asked for our parts (heart, liver, tongue) they asked if we wanted some more, so I got two more sets in addition to our two. So, yeah, meatier scrapple next year. And I'll check another recipe for broth to meat to cornmeal ratios. There's gonna be A LOT this year. Next year, I'll make some with steel cut oats as well--sort of like pork haggis w/o the stomach??

Then there's the red cooked butt roast waiting for dinner...Hungry?? Time to eat!
18th-Oct-2008 04:27 pm - Recent Events
Family Valentines '04
At this point, I can't remember when the last time I posted was! Life has been pretty hectic. I started as vicar of a more or less local to us mission church on the first of August, and have been learning to swim in the deep end ever since. My first funeral last week. Looking at Stewardship and Annual Meeting coming up--our annual meeting is in November--heaven only knows why! Suffice it to say that the fall has been pretty busy.

I have neglected to mention that we had some livestock acquisition this spring. We got a bunch of chicks in late April, I think, and the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend when I was at NH Sheep and Wool Show, my dear darling spouse and ever-charming child drove up to Sabattus, Maine, and returned with two 25-ish lb piglets. The piggies lived in fencing in the front garden until the nights warmed a bit and they no longer seemed to be coyote bait, then they set to ploughing up the lower portion of our meadow. They are quite efficient at it--and the front garden really did nicely this year! Well fertilized and pre-tilled!

One of our hens has recently started laying--she's the only Rhode Island Red of the bunch, and the only hen that doesn't have a breed-mate. We also have 2 Black Barred Rocks, 2 Buff Orpingtons, and 4 Araucanas. They all pick on her, so I think she's gratified by the attention she gets from laying!

We picked the pigs up at the butchers yesterday morning in their little white paper packages--all neatly taped into brown paper grocery bags and left them in a friend's freezer in town because our freezer doesn't arrive until Tuesday. So now I need to set to making head cheese and pickling pigs feet--unless a friend is interested in smoking them, since Sue forgot to have them smoked with the hams and bacon. I think we'll be having an old fashioned New England Ham and Bean supper for my ordination, since the hams are likely to be 20 lbs!

Anyone with a recipe for head cheese, method for salting fatback, or a desire to take some fatback to render for soap or something else, feel free to be in touch! We're near Portsmouth NH.

Okay, I'm supposed to be writing my sermon, and I think I ought to, before it's dinner time!
15th-Jun-2008 09:26 pm - Woohoo!
We got me ordained. More when I have downloaded some pics and have a minute to think. Right now I'm off to bed. Thanks to all for prayers and support. Alleluia!
19th-Apr-2008 08:30 pm - Baaaaaaa.......
Family Valentines '04
I was sheepish today. It was our local spinners' guild auction (Southern Maine Spinners and Weavers) and I made out like a bandit--yarn I needed, yarn I wanted, Maggie Rigetti's Knitting in Plain English, and half of a GORGEOUS white Romney Lamb's fleece--I'm splitting it with a friend--it's a GORGEOUS fleece--I jsut want to roll around in it!!

Then I came home and sorted out the "sheep in a bag" that showed up last weekend after the York County Shepherds 4-H shearing day last weekend. The Shepherds are largely comprised of our neighbor down the road's kids, and when my partner came home with a BIG black bag that smelled of sheep, I knew there was more fleece in the house. The fleece were from their two Cotswolds--Mom, and yearling ewe. I started sorting Mom (Lolly) today. It was MUCH nicer than I had anticpated, and the parts that will be easy are REALLY long and gorgeous. I have a small quantity soaking in the galvanized tin wash tub Sue picked up for me in the fall, and we'll see how clean it gets in one soak. And perhaps tomorrow I'll get to Juliette, the yearling.
6th-Apr-2008 07:09 pm - A little announcement
God willing and the people consenting
The Right Rev. Chilton R. Knudsen, Bishop of Maine
The Right Rev. Steven T Lane, Bishop Co-adjutor of Maine (after May 3, God willing)
will ordain
Kit Wang
to the sacred order of Deacons
on Saturday, June 14th, 11 o'clock in the morning
St. George's Episcopal Church
York Harbor, Maine

Clergy--white stoles

Your presence in person and prayer is most welcome!
2nd-Apr-2008 04:57 pm - Prayer Request
Kit '03
My Standing Committee meeting for ordination to the Transitional Diaconate is tomorrow ($/3) at 11 am. Any prayers would be appreciated! I'm not crazed about the meeting--it's basically a friendly group, but it IS the big next step, and the ordination process and I have been at it together for a long time.

8th-Mar-2008 05:42 pm - Birthdays
Kit '03
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