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19th-Apr-2008 08:30 pm
Family Valentines '04
I was sheepish today. It was our local spinners' guild auction (Southern Maine Spinners and Weavers) and I made out like a bandit--yarn I needed, yarn I wanted, Maggie Rigetti's Knitting in Plain English, and half of a GORGEOUS white Romney Lamb's fleece--I'm splitting it with a friend--it's a GORGEOUS fleece--I jsut want to roll around in it!!

Then I came home and sorted out the "sheep in a bag" that showed up last weekend after the York County Shepherds 4-H shearing day last weekend. The Shepherds are largely comprised of our neighbor down the road's kids, and when my partner came home with a BIG black bag that smelled of sheep, I knew there was more fleece in the house. The fleece were from their two Cotswolds--Mom, and yearling ewe. I started sorting Mom (Lolly) today. It was MUCH nicer than I had anticpated, and the parts that will be easy are REALLY long and gorgeous. I have a small quantity soaking in the galvanized tin wash tub Sue picked up for me in the fall, and we'll see how clean it gets in one soak. And perhaps tomorrow I'll get to Juliette, the yearling.
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