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Pig Parts 
3rd-Nov-2008 05:49 pm
Kit '03
I'm making scrapple. It's amazing how much time I've spend with relatively insignificant pig arts. This year, scrapple is a side benefit of head cheese. I'm not sure if I'll venture there next year, but then again, there are a few things I want to try....

This year's head cheese was drier than I'd like. So I know to add more stock to the meat before I mold it. And I can certainly add more herbs (sage) and spices (fresh hot peppers).

The scrapple has more cornmeal to meat than I might like--I guess I should have cooked up another bag of parts--when we asked for our parts (heart, liver, tongue) they asked if we wanted some more, so I got two more sets in addition to our two. So, yeah, meatier scrapple next year. And I'll check another recipe for broth to meat to cornmeal ratios. There's gonna be A LOT this year. Next year, I'll make some with steel cut oats as well--sort of like pork haggis w/o the stomach??

Then there's the red cooked butt roast waiting for dinner...Hungry?? Time to eat!
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